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1. Cultivating students to become proficient in the skills of English presentation and improving their communication skills. Being able to communicate well in English goes much further than small-talk; students learn how to communicate well through speaking and writing in standard ways that businesses look for.

2. Enabling students to become proficient in the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English. Students are offered a full range of English skills from intermediate through advanced levels.

3. Acquainting students to become well-nurtured in creative thinking and literary imagination and helping them to learn how to express their ideas through writing and discussion.

4. Preparing students to become professional in English teaching and Chinese teaching. Students preparing for teaching learn how to write lesson plans, how to get students motivated to want to learn, how to present learning material, and other ways to prepare them to become great teachers.

5. Training students to become excellent in the knowledge of literatures and of translation skills in English.

6. Preparing students to become acquainted with local and international business and industry. Students become competitive in future career opportunities; they become skillful business communicators; and, they become familiar with a related second foreign language.

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