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About the Department

When the school (formerly known as Taichung Healthcare and Management College) was established in 2001, the department was named the Department of Applied Foreign Languages with a focus on language learning and language application and recruited both four-year university students and two-year college students for its daytime programs. It also offered an evening program for high school graduates who could not afford to study in the daytime. In 2005, the school was granted a comprehensive university status and renamed Asia University because of its teaching and research excellence. To observe the guidelines of higher education for a comprehensive university and to enrich students’ intellectual, spiritual and cultural understanding and knowledge, the school strengthened its academic units to meet the new needs of a full-fledged university. In 2007, the college was renamed the College of Humanities and Social Sciences with a new emphasis on humanities and social sciences. The department was meanwhile renamed the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature with a new focus on literature and languages. It also started its MA program in the same year. The department has both undergraduate and graduate students of approximately 500.

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