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Our Strengths

Since 2001 Asia University Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (DFLL) is consistently growing in popularity with students. In both undergraduate and graduate programs, the curriculum is designed into innovative program pathway tracks for today’s students. Our students increase their global understanding and personally experience how communication, culture, and language work together.
Our students are motivated because courses are focused, forward-looking, and intended to develop fully every student’s English language proficiencies. A favorite course feature our students enjoy and benefit from is many small-size classes and the interaction they share with their teachers. Class and book study is only part of learning because our students will experience real-world work through student internship. This is how students take what they have learned in the classroom and then experience working in real businesses outside of the university or a teaching practicum in a local school. Our students also can excel through a range of fun activities by getting involved with language contests, student clubs, a senior drama performance, and more!
Visit us today! You will find a welcome smile! Our staff, teachers, and students will be very happy to talk with you, show you around our lovely modern campus, and ready to answer any questions you have!
✓Future Development of DFLL Students:

1. Occupation category
Language Teaching, Academic Research, Airline Industry, Language School Industry, Publishing Industry, Art and Management industry, Tourism Industry and International Affairs.

2. Job opportunities
Teacher, Translator, Interpreter, Secretary and Office Occupations, Advanced Assistant, Editor of Publishing Industry, Flight Attendant, Ground Crew.

3. Further study
Many choices are available to consider for further study in various institutes including foreign literature, linguistics, English teaching, Chinese teaching, translation and interpretation, business communication, inter-cultural studies, art and management industry and human resource.

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