Pre-Arrival Program(PAP)

  • 2016-07-20
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The Pre-arrival program (PAP) aims at providing incoming college students with 10weeks intensive and fruitful learning experience. In these ten weeks, students are required to complete 6 weeks on-line learning assignment. Through on-line learning, students are expected to become independent learners with an understanding of their learning style and needs.

Following on-line learning, students come to the campus and start the boarding school style intensive learning for a month. In this month, students can acquire communication ability and strategies with our foreign. At the same time, they will be incorporated with TOEIC test-taking strategies in our afternoon TOEIC preparation test. After the four-week program, students will take TOEIC test and more than half of them can get certificate equivalent to CEFR B1 level.

A highlight of the program is our extraordinary teaching assistant (TA) group. They are Asia University students with 650 TOEIC certificates. They are not assistants forteaching, but, more importantly, for learning. They live with the students in the dormitory and lead students as role models in self-study time in evening. PAP program welcomes incoming students to sign up.

1、On-line learning:
(1) total 6 weeks.
(2) 48 hours learning load.

(1) Workplace English and communication skills: 4 skills combined program. Materials are workplace English related. Offered by foreign instructors in Center.
(2) TOEIC preparation: Test analyzing and practices. Offered by instructors in Center.
(3) TOEIC Mock test: Two mock tests will be offered.
(4) Field trips related to English learning: Two field trips will be arranged.
(5) Self-study time in evening: TA-led group discussion and study.