2022-1st Application to Cancel Course

  • 2022-11-03
  • Canny Hung
2022-1st Application to Cancel Course

Date: November 14 (Mon.) (10:00a.m.) ~December 23(Fri.) (12:00 p.m.)

Please read instructions below before cancelling course
  1. After the course is cancelled, the number of credits taken cannot be lower than the minimum credit requirement by year as listed in rule 15 of the student handbook. Those who do not meet credit requirements are ineligible for application. Fourth year students are exempt if this does not affect the number of credits required for graduation.

The minimum credit requirement for each year and degree are as below:
  1. Courses approved for cancellation cannot withdraw application for cancellation without unsigned approval.
  2. Extension students applying for cancellation during the school term must maintain a minimum of 1 course in the semester.
  3. When the course is cancelled, the credit fee (credit and registration fees) will not be refunded and those who have not paid required fees must still make payment.
  4. Courses approved for cancellation are required to be recorded in transcript records and marked “cancelled” in the grade column. The credits will not be calculated in the total grade of the semester or year.
  5. If you have further questions, Please contact registration and curriculum section extension

3110(College of Humanities and Social Sciences) ;
or Information Office (extension 3511)

2022-1st cancel course