The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

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  • Introduction

    Since 2001, Asia University Department of Foreign Languages and Literature is consistently growing in popularity with students. In both undergraduate and graduate programs, the curriculum is designed into innovative program pathway tracks for today’s students. Our students increase their global understanding and will personally experience how communication, culture, and language work together.

    Our students are motivated because courses are focused, forward-looking, and intended to fully develop every student’s English language proficiencies. A favorite course feature our students enjoy and benefit from is many small-size classes and the interaction they share with their teachers. Class and book study is only part of learning because our students will experience real-world work through student practicum. This is how students take what they have learned in the classroom and then experience working in real businesses outside of the university or a teaching practicum in a local school. Our students also can excel through a range of fun activities by getting involved with language contests, student clubs, a senior drama performance, and more!

    We are committed by providing every student's developing needs with abundant resources, learning tools and technology, and caring support services to assist in their language studies, university success, and personal growth.

    Students can benefit their employment potential with increased self-confidence and competence as they prepare for future career success either locally or internationally in highly sought-after career fields such as translation, interpretation, hospitality, business & industry, teaching, and other emerging career areas. Students can maximize their real-world learning experience at its best through Asia University Department of Foreign Languages and Literature.

    Visit us today! You will find a welcome smile! Our staff, teachers, and students will be very happy to talk with you, show you around our lovely modern campus, and ready to answer any questions you have!

  • Department Strengths

    1. Our programs are designed to match student knowledge, skills, and learning with demands of real-work places in today's modern era.

    2. The core competitive strength of the department includes helping and guiding our students through the important communication skills of listening, speaking, reading,writing in English as well as English presentation.

    3. Students experience their learning! We provide students with internship/practicum opportunities in brand-name real work environments because it is important to us and to students that they have a chance to put classroom learning into real-world practice.

    4.Providing opportunities for overseas study.
    California State University, San Bernardino
    The University of Northampton
    The University of Malaya, Malaysia
    The University of Tours, France

    5.Providing experiences for learning diverse languages and cultures. Our teachers have diverse native cultural backgrounds and a mix of extensive experience from abroad including the USA, Newfoundland, Belgium, France, Japan, Iran, Canada, Israel, Great Britain, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and more.

  • Educational Goals

    For Undergraduates

    1. Cultivating students to become proficient in the skills of English presentation and improving their communication skills. Being able to communicate well in English goes much further than small-talk; students learn how to communicate well through speaking and writing in standard ways that businesses look for.

    2. Enabling students to become proficient in the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English. Students are offered a full range of English skills from intermediate through advanced levels.

    3. Acquainting students to become well-nurtured in creative thinking and literary imagination and helping them to learn how to express their ideas through writing and discussion.

    4. Preparing students to become professional in English teaching and Chinese teaching. Students preparing for teaching learn how to write lesson plans, how to get students motivated to want to learn, how to present learning material, and other ways to prepare them to become great teachers.

    5. Training students to become excellent in the knowledge of literatures and of translation skills in English.

    6.Preparing students to become acquainted with local and international business and industry. Students become competitive in future career opportunities; they become skillful business communicators; and, they become familiar with a related second foreign language.

    For Graduate School

    1. Cultivating students’ advanced ability of communication and capacity for academic research.

    2. Training graduate students to integrate Chinese teaching or English teaching through literature.

    3. Advancing graduate students to become excellent English teachers in various positions, who will be very well-cultivated in their understanding of literatures, in the applications of foreign languages, and in the teaching programs related to future careers.

    4.Guiding graduate students to become specialized in cultural works, such as oral interpretation, written translation, editing, foreign affairs, and many others.

  • The Department's History and Organizational Advancements

    The school was formerly known as "Taichung Healthcare and Management College," and was established in 2001. At that time, the "Department of Applied Foreign Languages," recruited university and two-year college students for its day school programs. In 2004 due to its superior performance, the school was allowed a comprehensive reform and became a university and it was renamed "Asia University." To cope with the comprehensive universities guidelines of higher education, and to cultivate students devoted to body, mind and spirit, the school upgraded its academic units for both professional and training purposes. In 2006 the department gradually changed its name to the “Department of Foreign Languages and Literature," and gradually has been re-adjusting its educational goals. It’s two-year technical college track was eliminated, and in 2007 was officially named the "Department of Foreign Languages and Literature" and started recruiting students for Master's degree.